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A Call for Help. Join Us.

PO8 and Skullys lead The Bahamas Blockchain Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund.

Thousands are homeless in the aftermath of what has been coined a catastrophic category 5 hurricane hitting the The Bahamas. The damage to infrastructure is unprecedented and will require massive local and global support.

The northern islands of the Bahamas need immediate post hurricane support for residents especially babies, young children, senior citizens and those whose safety, shelter and medical care are at risk. Basic human necessities like water, food, medical care and shelter are vital as The Bahamas tries to recover and restore a stay of normalcy. From all initial reports, the damages to The Bahamas will be millions if not billions of dollars.

PO8, a blockchain company headquartered in Marsh Harbor, Abaco in The Bahamas, has just witnessed the devastation and immediately felt called to action enrolling you, as the global and local blockchain communities to help rebuild and restore the most impacted islands of The Bahamas.

PO8 is asking your partnership as first responders to Hurricane Dorian by setting up a Bahamas Blockchain Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund. PO8 has pledged 1 billion PO8 tokens to hurricane relief efforts. For every dollar worth of crypto donation, PO8 will match it 100%. All donations will be made to the BBHDRF a multi-signature digital wallet managed by:

1. Island Administrator of Freeport Grand Bahama, Don Cornish. Don Cornish has been a chief advocate for Blockchain technology speaking at Consensus, CoinBank Cruise and across the world in countries like Korea, Japan, Spain, France, Singapore, and the USA.

2. Rotary Clubs of the Bahamas, well known and trusted in post hurricane fundraising and on the ground relief efforts with controls and accountability procedures off-chain.

Our ASK:
1. Crypto Donation of Bitcoin or Ether.  You can also make a cash donation on our GoFundMe page.
2. Raise awareness by sharing our relief efforts via social media channels, speaking directly to your community or donating.
3. Post and share our collaboration and leading directly using the Hurricane Relief Fund wallet and the smart contracts therein (trust and transparency).

1. Recognition on Bahamas Blockchain Hurricane Relief page on the homepage of PO8 as supporting this relief effort.
2. A Free Skullys digital collectible.

Please contact any of the following people ready to assist.
-Matthew Arnett (PO8 CEO): [email protected]
-Raul Vasquez (PO8 COO): [email protected]
-Don Cornish (Govt): [email protected]
-Rotary Rep (Felix): [email protected]


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