JASMY Price Prediction – 2022, 2023, 2024 & 2025

All About JASMY Coin Prices

Currently (August 2022) there are 19,621 cryptocurrencies listed on the CoinMarketCap platform. More than one token is created every day. That is why it is not uncommon to get lost in this overwhelming amount of cryptocurrencies that are constantly emerging. On this occasion, we are going to analyze one of these coins. We are talking about the Jasmy cryptocurrency, known as JasmyCoin.

Jasmy Cryptocurrency, What is it?

Jasmy is a Japanese company dedicated to developing a platform that combines blockchain technology with the Internet of Things (IoT). In their Whitepaper (available in Japanese), they present the project as follows:

“We, Jasmy, are Jasmy Platform, an IoT platform. We are a company that develops and provides the IoT platform ‘Jasmy Platform’. When all things are connected to the Internet, the ‘clothing, food, housing and movement’ that are closely related to people’s lives will change dramatically. Our mission is to provide the infrastructure for an environment where everyone can use data.”

Judging by what they mention in their paper, the project seeks that the data generated in devices that connect to the Internet, for example, a thermometer, a vacuum cleaner, an alarm, etc; are distributed in a blockchain network, avoiding the centralization of data in the hands of a few companies, a scenario that happens today. This sovereignty over data would be achieved by having the information distributed, something for which blockchain technology is ideal. As they say in their whitepaper, the “fourth industrial revolution” continues to expand:

“By 2025, the number of IoT devices connected to the Internet will reach 41.6 billion worldwide, and these devices are said to generate 79.4 zettabytes (ZB, about 80 billion times 1 TB) of data annually (ZB, about 80 billion times 1 TB) according to the International Data Corporation. The amount of data being sensed, measured, and acquired from IoT devices connected to the network is increasing by the day. Data generated from a wide variety of IoT devices with various sensors, combined with personal data, plays an important role for companies to continue to provide high value-added services to their customers.”

In this context, the Jasmy project proposes the development of an infrastructure that enables the distribution of data that is collected by IoT devices. They do this by using blockchain technology to distribute the information and prevent them from being centralized in a few servers.

Jasmy cryptocurrency project

Jasmy offers a platform that enables the sovereignty of the data generated by the Internet of Things devices. Users of these IoT devices will be able, using the Jasmy platform, to manage their data, and authorize its use to other individuals or companies, among other actions. In the paper published by the company, they explain how the technology behind the Jasmy platform works in the context of IoT devices:

“In conventional cloud-based IoT systems, all of the data sensed and aggregated from the device has been centralized, stored, and processed by the central administrator. However, in our platform, by embedding a single module in the device, the device side has the processing function and the arithmetic processing itself is decentralized.”

JasmyCoin value for the next 3 years

In this section, we present our own Jasmy price predictions for the next few years. We have based our analysis on historical data as well as several other price indices. We would like to point out that the realization of these predictions is based on a number of conditions that Jasmy has to fulfill.

  • Jasmy Crypto Price Prediction for 2022

Since the beginning of the year, JasmyCoin’s price has had some difficulty breaking the $0.08 mark. This is normal after bullish periods for the crypto. The price of JasmyCoin should be able to stabilize before the end of the year. A maximum price of around $0.13 is estimated for this year.

  • News on Jasmy Crypto Prices in 2023

By 2023, a gradual return to the uptrend should begin to take place on the JasmyCoin crypto price. However, this does not prevent a possible fall in the JasmyCoin price before rising again. We then expect a maximum price between $0.15 and $0.21.

  • Future of Jasmy Coin Crypto Price for 2024

An improvement in the JasmyCoin crypto project and ecosystem is expected by 2024. Thus, a further sharp rise in its price is conceivable with a maximum price ranging in the $0.37 range. On average, its price is expected to be around $0.29.

  • Jasmy Crypto Stock Market Price Forecast for 2025

With new partners and investors, the JasmyCoin crypto can increase in value. Moreover, an increase in its users and community is possible by 2025. Therefore, we could expect a maximum price of $0.67 and an average price of $0.58.

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