Dating a Luger P08 can be a bit tricky, as the gun was produced over a long period of time and underwent several changes. However, with a bit of knowledge and some careful inspection, it is possible to determine the approximate date of manufacture of a Luger P08.

  1. Look at the markings on the gun. The Luger P08 was produced by several different manufacturers, and the markings will give you an idea of which company made the gun. The most common manufacturers were DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken), Erfurt, and Mauser.
  2. Look at the serial number. The serial number can give you an idea of when the gun was produced. Luger P08s produced before 1920 will have serial numbers that start with the letter “A”. Guns produced between 1920 and 1942 will have serial numbers that start with the letters “byf” or “svw”. Guns produced after 1942 will have serial numbers that start with the letters “ac” or “duv”.
  3. Another key feature to consider is the safety catch. Luger P08s produced before 1942 will have a safety catch on the left side of the gun, while guns produced after 1942 will have a safety catch on the right side of the gun.
  4. Besides, You can also look at the chamber date. Luger P08s were tested and stamped with the date of acceptance, this date is called the chamber date, and it is located on the chamber of the barrel. You can use this date as a reference but keep in mind that this date may not be the exact date of manufacture.

Finally, you can also consult with experts or reference books on the subject to help you determine the date of manufacture of your Luger P08. With a bit of research and careful inspection, you should be able to narrow down the date of your Luger P08 to within a few years.

It’s important to note that the Luger P08 is a highly collectible firearm and it’s always better to consult with experts before making any changes or modifications.

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    Jon Evans

    I have no letters but do have matching numbers
    #4565 with a date on topside of frame 1940..

  2. Avatar
    PJ Bailey

    My po8 has the number 60 matching on all the parts. Above the locking lever is a small crown over a capital N
    Also the left side safety has an arrow pointing to the rear and the word “RUST”.
    Can you provide any information regarding who made it and when?
    It does have the DWM on the slide.

  3. Avatar
    Dennis L Ruch

    I just bought a Mauser Luger new old stock. Never been fired. I would like to know when it was manufactured.
    S/N 11.00.1410.

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    Jerome Casper

    Hello. I have purchased a 1913 Erfurt P08 with a serial number of 6781. It also has unit marking on it of 2 E MG IX 53. I’m told this indicates that it was issued to a machine gun unit but can’t really find anything that would confirm that. I have a LOT of pictures of the gun from the store that sold it to me with the entire gun taken apart and all components photographed. Primarily, I’m trying to nail down an approximate year of manufacture and something that would verify the unit marking. Anything you can suggest would be appreciated. Thank you!.