Bringing Marine Archaeology to the Blockchain

Reshaping the ownership of precious underwater artifacts with NFTs. Introducing PAZAR, the first high value real asset NFT marketplace powered by PO8

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Welcome to PO8

About PO8

PO8 is a blockchain ecosystem tokenizing the recovery and ownership of underwater artifacts and treasures. Utilizing ERC-721 tokens, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), PO8 provides a unique way to track and verify ownership of assets. PO8 is also creating a first of its kind curated digital commodity marketplace allowing for the transfer of distinguishable asset backed tokens separately within smart contracts. The real ownership of an asset is now determined by its NFT.

P08 - A Responsible Blockchain Project

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Industry Challenges

Cultural Heritage Preservation

Competing interest groups can’t agree on salvaging and preservation best practices, slowing down the recovery rate of historical artifacts

High Salvage Costs

Recovery expeditions can easily go into the millions, creating a barrier to entry feasible by only a handful of companies with resources.

Centralized Auction Process

Selling priceless treasures or artifacts can cost salvage companies, governments and other owners anywhere from 12 to 20% in sales commissions



PO8’s blockchain technology provides a more scalable approach to the recovery and distribution of historical artifacts. Individuals, rather than corporations and governments, will play a more active role in the search, preservation, exhibition and ownership of artifacts.
what is Mads

Maritime Artifact Data System (MADS)

For the first time ever, anyone from around the world can help in the search and recovery efforts of long lost artifact treasures. Simply participate and complete any of our bounty tasks and earn free tokens. Bounty tasks include but not limited to analyzing data such as sonar, magnetometer, geo mapping, historical records, weather patterns, video feeds and more.

what is Pazar

A Non Fungible Token Marketplace powered by PO8

PO8 is creating a first of its kind curated digital commodity marketplace for NFTs powered by PO8 tokens. PO8 token holders will be able to buy, sell, lease, trade, auction and leverage their NFTs using the PAZAR Marketplace.


Digitizing Artifacts with Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Recovered artifacts will be digitally imprinted with distinguishable NFTs ensuring the majority artifacts live on the blockchain and physically remain in the custody of the PO8 Foundation for continued studies by the archaeology community, and to be exhibited in various museums worldwide.

Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain and it’s ERC-721 token functionality, PO8 will create NFTs with specifically designed smart contracts containing unique asset data that are cryptographically certified.



Registered and established Bahamian Corporation

Historical Research on Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas, PO8’s maiden exploratory mission

Q3 2017

Q4 2017

Granted Salvage License by Government of The Bahamas

Assign key advisors

Creation of PO8 Ethereum based smart contract and wallet

Launch private sale

Q1 2018

Q2 2018

Launch pre-sale

Begin development of MADS Wallet

Begin development of MADS Blockchain Algorithm Database

Q3 2018

Q4 2018

Launch crowd sale

Exchange Listing

Historical data collection of charts, tides, hurricane and other natural disturbances

Submersible drones to collect structural and metallic underground anomalies

Satellite imaging data collection

MADS Wallet available – beta version

MADS Blockchain Algorithm Database available – beta version

Data mining information collected

MADS token awarded to wallets

PAZAR Digital Commodity Marketplace – Beta Version

Q1 2019

Q2 2019

Present to Bahamian Government area of interest for commercial salvaging

Salvage teams and divers deployed

Exploratory submersible drones deployed

Salvage teams and divers deployed

Q3 2019

Q4 2019

Salvage teams and divers search

Continuation of data mining and readjusting area of interest

Project Team

Matthew Arnett

Chief Executive Officer

Anh Nguyen

Chief Technology Officer

Raul Vasquez

Chief Marketing Officer

Claudio Bonifacio

Chief Artifacts Officer

David Gallo

Vice President for Exploration

Evan Kovacs

Director of Expeditions

Troy Launay

Director of Salvage Operations

Bill Lange

Director of Advance Imaging and Visualization


Don Cornish

Ministry of Local Government West Grand Bahama, Bahamas

Frederick Arnett

Nature Conservancy
Nassau, Bahamas

Jin Jiahao

Leading Venture Capitalist Partner at Sequoia Capital China

Dingmi Gong

HangTang Wealth
Risk Management

Theo Burrows

Attorney at Law

Jun Hao

Crypto Analysis Singapore

Professor Dr. Thapana Boonlar

Chairman, Advisory Broad
NARET GROUP CO., LTD Bangkok, Thailand

Cheol Hwan Kim

Adjunct Professor of Hanyang Univ. Global Entreprenuer Center Chairman of Advisory Board for Korean Business Strategy


Strategic Partners


Token Sale

Token Standard

Ethereum ERC20

Cost per Token


Total Hardcap

$30M USD

Total Soft Cap

$10M USD

Total Tokens


Available Tokens For Sale



Pre Sale

Min Investment 50ETH, 25% Bonus

Starts June 15
Crowd Sale



  • Development: 65%
  • Admin: 15%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Inventory: 5%
  • Legal: 5%


  • Crowd Sale: 60%
  • Platform Reserve: 20%
  • Bounties: 12%
  • Team: 8%
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Download our latest Whitepaper to read more about PO8’s mission and contributions to marine archaeology.

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PO8 Headlines

Latest News

Marine Exploration in the Bahamas to be Funded by Blockchain

A group of blockchain entrepreneurs in the Bahamas is tokenizing undersea exploration within the seas of the area using blockchain.

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Frequently asked questions

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    What is PO8?

    PO8 is a blockchain ecosystem making marine archaeology and treasure hunting more inclusive and decentralized. For the first time ever, people from around the world can participate in treasure hunting expeditions through the tokenization of search and recovery efforts. And, through our decentralized applications (DApps), PO8 provides secure, transparent and cost effective blockchain solutions for registering, authenticating, and transferring high valued assets.

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    What problems does PO8 solve?

    The main problems we solve are eliminating barriers to entry for people who want to participate in marine archaeology projects, and the decentralizing the distribution of recovered treasures.

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    Does PO8 have competitors?

    Currently PO8 is the first-to-market blockchain ecosystem bringing value to the marine archaeology industry. Our only indirect competitors would be traditional commercial salvage companies.

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    What makes you unique from other marine salvage companies?

    For starters, we want to provide an opportunity for anyone from around the world to be a part of recovering history. But what makes us even more unique is our collaboration approach to work with governments. PO8 has been working closely with the Maritime Affairs and Labour Department from the Ministry of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and has recently acquired an Abandoned Shipwreck salvage license. The acquisition of this license is a major milestone, considering licenses have not been issued for the last 18 years. The procurement of the license illustrates the dedication of the PO8 team to preserving the past and the Bahamas’ vote of confidence in PO8’s mission.

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    What is the difference between a PO8 and SILVER token?

    PO8 is a utility token that can be used to participate in our various decentralized applications, such as MADS, HOAP, GAAS and PHARS. The SILVER token in a sub token awarded to PO8 holders who take part and complete bounty tasks on our MADS application.

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    What if you do not recover any treasure, what happens then?

    In the event we do not recover any treasures, we will have built a blockchain ecosystem available for many other archaeological endeavors worldwide. The same technologies powering search and rescue for shipwrecks and buried treasures can be used for finding other lost objects and perhaps solving some of our longest unsolved mysteries.Our open source decentralized apps will also provide individuals and enterprises with more cost effective and secure ways of distributing valuable assets.

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    Can you mine PO8 or SILVER tokens?

    PO8 tokens cannot be mined. SILVER tokens can be earned by completing bounty tasks on our MADS application.

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    How can I buy some of the artifacts found?

    As a PO8 token holder you will be able to bid on recovered artifacts that are sold on our HOAP application.

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    Do I have to do registration and KYC?

    Yes, it is mandatory. Please make sure you register and provide all required KYC documentation.

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    Can I send ETH from an exchange address to buy my tokens?

    No. DO NOT use a cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Huobi or others. You MUST send from an ERC 20 compatible wallet such as MyEtherWallet, ImToken, etc.

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    What is the minimum investment?

    Private sale $250K USD, Pre-sale $50K USD and Crowd sale 0.1 ETH

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    How can I be part of the private sale?

    A minimum 250 ETH investment is required for the private sale. Please contact us directly at for more information.

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    Are all investors welcome to participate in token generation event?

    For the most part yes. For residents of the United States, we can only accept institutional investors. OFAC sanctioned countries are NOT permitted to participate in our token sale. For more information on OFAC listed countries please visit,

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    Which exchanges will PO8 be listed in?

    While we have no control of any decentralized exchanges listing the PO8 token, we will be talking with major centralized exchanges to list the PO8 token. For regulatory issues, we cannot comment on exact details of the exchange.

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    Do I need a special wallet for PO8 tokens?

    Any wallet supporting ERC 20 tokens such as MyEtherWallet, ImToken, etc.

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    What is your relation with the Bahamas Government?

    We are officially the first company to launch a token sale from The Bahamas and as a result of our vision to bring blockchain technologies to the country, we have been endorsed by senior members of government. Additionally, we are the first marine salvage company to receive an Abandoned Shipwreck salvage license from the Maritime Affairs and Labour Department from the Ministry of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas in over 18 years.

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    How will you peg a portion of the findings to PO8 and what is the reason for doing so?

    Upon our first successful expedition a portion of the recovered treasures such as gold or silver will be placed in a reserve in order to bring stability to our token and liquidity for future expeditions and development of new blockchain technologies.